-=-| MameUI [Ash-Build] ver. 0173 |-=-

-: Last updated - 29-04-2016 [ENDING ERA !]:-


What's new:

- Well so it´s! 0.173 will be the last build no more ASH builds!
I need to thank all folks following me since 2004 really some years on the road right?
I dont see any reason to keep my build because today we have MAMEFX MAMEUIFX and the HBMAME HBMAME.
All those are good buils better than mine of course!
And HBMAME already included all of the neo.geo hacks from my build also.

Again thaks all for the project and friendship!

Best Regards and long life to all! ASH!




mameUI(Ash-Build)-0.173-bin (20160428)

mameUI(Ash-Build)-0.173-x64 (20160428)

mameUI(Ash-Build)-0.173-src (20160428) [Source file]

mameUI(Ash-Build) dat-0.173 (20160509) [Dat file in Split Mode]